Are Dead Trees Threatening Your Property?

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Central Maine residents are no stranger severe snowstorms and heavy rain, so it's even more important to pay attention to the trees in your yard. Leaning tree trunks, widowmaker branches or dead tree limbs can easily break off and collapse around your home.

Let Integrity Forest Management in Corinna & Bangor, ME take care of your dead or damaged trees with precise tree removal services. We know how to safely remove a tree and can bring all the equipment needed to remove even your tallest trees limb by limb, so surrounding trees and homes stay intact.

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Give your problem trees the ax

Give your problem trees the ax

When is the last time you took a long, hard look at the trees in your yard? While some trees can be braced or fertilized to remain healthy, others just need to come down. Turn to Integrity Forest Management for professional tree removal services when you notice:

  • Excessive decay or rot from disease.
  • Severely crooked or leaning trunks.
  • Branches or roots are touching your home.

When you need to know how to safely remove a tree, let Integrity Forest Management handle it for you. Call today to get started.